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The Law Offices of Jessica Clarke, P.C. is a full-service closing agency. They represent buyers, sellers, lenders, and consumers in real estate transactions through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Whether you are selling, investing in real estate, refinancing, or buying your first home, their firm is well-suited for every step of the process in helping you accomplish your goals.

Preliminary Title Review

The title examination is the first steps in selling, buying, or refinancing a property. A thorough exam of all public records can identify open liens, possible missing interests and open loans tied up to a property. Using their in-house team of experienced title examiners along with the latest software, they are able to offer comprehensive title review, issue identification, and title resolution in 24 Hours.

If there is a potential issue, they will set up a time to review step-by-step solutions and walk you through the discussion with your client.

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Purchase and Sale Review/

A purchase and sale review is a detailed examination and analysis of a contract’s terms and conditions. This service is available to anyone who hires their firm to represent them as the Seller’s Attorney, Buyer’s Attorney and/or Lender’s Settlement Agent. Their policy is to turn around the Purchase and Sale Agreement immediately and often do so the same day at no additional cost to their clients.

Closing Cost Analysis

Prior to closing, they also offer to create a draft closing disclosure for the lender to mirror, showing all prorations, seller fees and any other details pertinent to the Closing Disclosure.

Settlement Services

They are happy to close at any location and time that is most convenient for their clients. They have experienced and knowledgeable attorneys located all over New England who are available in a moment’s notice.

Document Preparation

They will also create closing documents including deeds, POAs, trustee certificates and homesteads.

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